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Automatic plot overlay and legend for categorical and continuous variables (symbols, colors, ...).

See the package presentation on Github.

Package online help pages.

soiltexture ("the soil texture wizard")

A toolbox for soil texture data and texture triangle plots in R.

Package and information available on CRAN. Package source code available on R-Forge.

Package online help pages.

See also my gallery of soil texture triangles, created with this package.

Warning: soiltexture is the first R package I ever wrote. Its was first released in 2010. If the algorithms behind the packages seems to work very well, I have realise since then that the packages interface, and its documentation is quite awful and would need an important re-factoring. This was the purpose of the sub-project ternaryplot, aiming at providing a clean, object-oriented and well documented interface for ternary plots and texture diagrams, started one year ago. But I have so far not managed to finish it (because of lack of time).


Simplified and uniform database interface for SQLite, MySQL and MS Access. It provides functions for easily reading, writing, listing and subsetting tables in SQLite, MySQL and MS Access. easydb is build on top of R packages RSQLite and RODBC.

easydb is also some sort of (additional) abstraction layer for interactions with databases in R. It also helps reducing the amount of code in other R packages and functions that interact with databases.

Packages and source code available on R-Forge. Packages presentation page on R-Forge.


soilwater provides soil water retention functions and soil hydraulic conductivity functions and pedotransfer functions to estimate their parameter from easily available soil properties.

Packages and information available on R-Forge. Package home page (on R-Forge).


Utility functions for the pesticide fate model MACRO

Description to be written.